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I don't have to tell you that I am adopted. But that does not make me any less important. Mommy and Daddy love me more than anything. I am theirs, and they are mine.

Adoption is a very special process whereby a person or persons willfully choose to love someone and take them into their family as if they had arrived through standard biological means. No one made Mommy and Daddy do this; they chose to do it. They opted to bring me into their house and their lives and to make me a Gerlich. No strings attached. No turning back. This is for keeps.

Mommy was adopted herself when she was an infant. She knows firsthand the special nature of adoption. Because of this, she already knows a lot of the answers to the questions I'll be asking later on.

Does it matter that I'm from Asia and have different facial features? Absolutely not! We see each other simply as family, and don't even notice the cosmetic differences. When you see through your heart, the world looks like a different place.

Mommy and Daddy adopted me and my sister Bailee with the services of Chinese Children Adoption International of suburban Denver CO. We urge you to contact them if you are interested in adopting from China.




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