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I love my dogs. Mommy and Daddy have had lots of dogs through the years, and right now we have five furry friends to keep us company and guard the property.

On the left are my two favorite dogs, Kibbles (left) and Kiwi. These guys are just my size. They've finally gotten used to having a little human being around terrorizing them. For some reason, Kiwi doesn't like it when I try to ride her like a horse.



Here's Daddy's favorite dog, Canyon. He's the elder canine, born in 1989. He was Mommy and Daddy's first dog. Mommy found him nose-down in a trash can near Canyon High School shortly after they moved here. Canyon has accompanied them everywhere, and is the most intuitive and sensitive dog they've owned. He's loyal and looks after me.


Kita is a pure-bred Siberian Husky. She was born in late 1989, and has been a real challenge through the years for Mommy and Daddy. Although she has mellowed considerably the last year, Huskies are a pretty fun-loving and spirited breed, and 10 acres is nowhere near enough land for them. They need 10,000 acres. They are beautiful, friendly dogs, but they spend their time digging holes and chewing trees when they are young.


Our fifth dog is Curly, an enigma if there ever were one. Curly just showed up on our property sometime in the early 1990s, and hasn't left yet. He comes and goes as he pleases through the neighborhood, but always comes home. Content to throw an old glove into the air over and over, Curly is easily self-entertained.


We recently got Stormy, a black Great Dane. Daddy hasn't had time to snap her picture yet (she won't sit still). She's a lot of fun!


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