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Most people would say that a three-year-old is too young to have hobbies. But I beg to differ. Yeah, sure, I have nothing but leisure time on my hands, because everything I do at this point is discretionary. But I do have my favorite activities. Among them are:

•  Painting. Dad wishes I would pick up a brush and paint the exterior trim, soffet, and fascia. But no dice. That sounds more like work than it does a hobby! I would rather paint at my easel. My style is very impressionistic, a post-modern interpretation of the masters. My media are water colors on big sheets of paper. OK, quit laughing. Renoir had to start out, too, you know.

•  Gymnastics. Mom and Dad are both very active, and they encourage me to participate in sports. I love doing gymnastics, both at school and at home. My mini-trampoline is a lot of fun, as is my Backyard Adventure where I can climb the rope ladder, scale the climbing wall, and hang from the rings.

•  Biking. OK, you probably figured that I'd have no choice in this matter. But I really do love going for bike rides. We've used the kid seat on Mommy's bike, as well as a bike trailer. More recently I've ridden a special trailing bike that attaches to Mommy's bike (the Burley Piccolo). We're also getting ready to start using the Bike Friday Family soon as I get a few inches taller! Mommy and Daddy are even looking into a triple to accommodate all of us on one bike.

•  My New Playhouse. Mommy and Daddy just got this for me. It was a big surprise! Now I have a place to call my very own, with lots of room for sleepovers when I get a little older. I enjoy playing out there. The dogs come to visit me, and I have lots of room for all of my toys and important stuff.

That pretty well sums it up. It's hard not to have hobbies in this family, with Mommy and Daddy so committed to a variety of interesting activities. Please click on an image for an enlargement.




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