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I love Texas! Although I was born in China, I got here as fast as I could. My Mommy and Daddy tell me that I'm going to be a real anomaly (whatever that is). I'll be the Chinese girl with the German name and a Texas accent. How's that grab y'all? I'm fixin' to have a big ol' time here in the Lone Star State, and I'm just as proud of it as anyone who was born here. I even have a Texas birth certificate, which the State gave me after my adoption was officially recognized.

Texas is a very cool place. While the weather may get a little wild and wooly at times, it is generally very conducive to our outdoor lifestyle. It's a huge state, with lots to see and do. I've been to the beach, Dallas, San Antonio's River Walk, Austin, the gorgeous Hill Country, and lots of places in between. It's a land of contrast, with barren, windswept plains, coastal beaches, mountains, canyons, desert, and huge urban centers.

Dad loves Texas because of the low cost of living and lack of state income tax. It's a very pro-business state, and with the advent of the Internet and email, he is able to work for a variety of clients all over the country from our living room, or from wherever he's got his laptop logged in.

The near-constant sunshine is an added bonus. We go for bike rides to the park and to get ice cream (one of my favorite things to do!). And playing outside on our rural property is always an adventure for me. I love the wind in my hair and the sun in my face! Bailee and I love to play outside. Our yard is huge, and there's still a lot to explore.

I've learned to eat Tex-Mex since I've been here. From chips and salsa, to quesadillas, burritos, and enchiladas, I've eaten nearly everything, and acquired quite a liking for the hot stuff.

It's enough to warm the soul (not to mention the roof of your mouth), and remind me what summer is like here.




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