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Before Mommy and Daddy adopted me, they told everyone my middle name was going to be "Go." While they didn't actually live up to their promise, my life has been nothing less than "Go" ever since I got here.

My parents love to travel, and by virtue of that, I guess I do, too. Not that I have a choice, mind you. They're forever strapping me into a car seat or airplane and going somewhere. I often keep a small suitcase packed and ready to go at a moment's notice. That way all I have to do is grab my two pink babies, and I'm ready to roll.

I've only been here since October 1998 and I have already been to 36 states and Mexico. Las Vegas? Betcha by golly wow. Chicago? My kind of town. Denver? Rocky Mountain High. My life reads like a Triple-A vacation planner.

I've had sand between my toes two different Thanksgivings down on the Texas Gulf Coast. I've taken the charter katamaran from Key West to the Dry Tortugas. I've ridden the "Ducks" at the Wisconsin Dells. And I've looked for aliens in Roswell.

Now that we've got the travel trailer, we take lo-o-ong vacations and cover lots of ground. The summer of 2000 saw us drive 5000 miles all over the nation's midsection. Mom and Dad drove us up the Atlantic Coast in the summer of 2001, stopping in Cleveland on the way home to visit the Rock'N'Roll Hall of Fame. And in 2002, we took an 8000-mile roadtrip to introduce Bailee to the USA.

The best part of traveling? No doubt, it's all the great food. From Mommy's fantastic outdoor meals, to the many Hard Rock Cafes we've visited, I've been mass-consuming calories.

I just hope I can keep my girlish figure.




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