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I'm a busy little girl, no doubt. I've got a schedule so busy I almost need a Palm Pilot to keep track of everything. Mommy is my personal concierge and taxi driver, and Daddy pays the bills. Here's what I'm up to now:

•   The biggest news is the arrival of my sister, Bailee. She's a lot of fun! Although I don't always like sharing things with her, I enjoy having her around. Mom and Dad tell me that Bailee and I will be lifelong best friends, and that we'll understand it all a little better when we get older. I'll bet parents tell that to kids all the time.

•   I'm attending a pre-school at a Church of Christ. I'm learning a lot of the basics, although Momy and Daddy had already gotten me ahead on a few things before I ever went there.

•   I took a special class in Chinese in fall 2002. The class was for the adopted Asian kids in our area.

•   I'm still taking gymnastics at a local college. I do cartwheels and flips all over the place now.

•   I'm still taking a ballet and tap dance class at the university where Daddy teaches.

•   We celebrated Family Day in April, which marks the day that I was found in China. Mommy and Daddy showered me with attention, not to mention a little cake (see the picture on the "Credits" page).

There's always a lot going on my life. "Never a dull moment," as the cliche goes. Here I am, three years old, and already suffering from a poverty of time. Will it get any better?




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